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MountMe, dedicated to bringing one of a kind mounting and viewing solutions to iPad users, proudly announces the immediate availability of the Freedom and Freedom II, their multi-functional case-mount hybrids that enhance iPad’s usability by providing users the flexibility to mount their device wherever they need and desire.

Available with four suctions cups and a heavy duty mobile mounting strap, the stylish and protective case mounts easily adapt to any surface and location, making them perfect for virtually anywhere. In addition, their patented design doubles as a kickstand, allowing it to tilt up to 90 degrees with 360 degrees rotation to easily switch from portrait to landscape and anything in between.

Both the Freedom and Freedom II are designed to safely and securely hug the corners and sides of the iPad and iPad 2 respectively, preventing them from slipping and scratching. Available in a multitude of colors, the Freedom and Freedom II can be permanently wall mounted using screws and easily detached using their Quick Release Bracket system, transforming it from a mount to a case in seconds.

“Even though there is a multitude of iPad and iPad 2 accessories in the market, the versatility, usability and design of the Freedom makes it truly unique,” stated Brien Spina, Founder of MountMe. “The all-in-one design allows the iPad and iPad 2 to be used virtually anywhere, transforming it into a wall clock, an in-car entertainment system, a cooking companion, and more. One accessory with endless possibilities.”

For higher trafficked areas such as restaurants, hotels and retail stores, MountMe offers both Freedom and Freedom II with a security mounting option, allowing users to lock the iPad to the case and prevent it from being removed. Additional MountMe products include CleanMe, a touch screen safe, professional quality non-aerosol cleaner ideal for GPS, cell phones, computer monitors, LED, LCD, Plasma, Rear View mirrors, and more.

Heavy Duty Mobile Mounting Strap – Secure your tablet to a headrest, car visor, or any object you can wrap around

Four Suction Cups – Effortlessly mount to hard surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plane seats or even a refrigerator

Screws – Provides permanent mounting options on a wall or solid object

Panning & Tilting Capabilities – Pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees to provide unlimited angles and enhance user capabilities

Built-in Kickstand – Unique patented design doubles as a kickstand, easily propping your iPad in the ideal typing position, landscape and portrait mode

Quick Release On/Off Bracket – Allows users to release the iPad from the bracket with a simple turn, transforming it from a mounting solution to a protective carrying case

All MountMe products, including the Freedom and Freedom II ($49.99), the MountMe with Security Mounting Option ($54.99) and the CleanMe cleaner ($7.99) are available at For more information about MountMe and the complete list of products, visit Make sure to follows us on Twitter at @MountMeLLC and on Facebook at

About MountMe
MountMe is committed to bringing one of kind cutting-edge mounting accessories for the Tablet PC technology market. Our line of mounting accessories includes colorful sleek protective cases that easily transform into highly adaptable and practical mounting devices. Each device is manufactured to perform above expectations while remaining cost effective and using the finest materials. Our products allow an iPad to be mounted and viewed virtually anywhere including on car seat head rests, airplane seats, walls, mirrors, windows and more. Whether you are at home, in a hotel, outside or on the go, our solutions provide a secure and instantly accessible mounting and protective system that allows users to position their iPad where they need it, when they need it. Bring your media content to life whether you are at home or on the go. For more information about MountMe, please visit

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