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by Poornima Apte

With more than 120 industry professionals attending a packed event, the first-ever Specialty Leasing Summit kicked off with roaring success today.

The first day of the summit, on the eve of SPREE, included classes taught by industry veterans like retail consultant Deborah Byrnes; Arleen Dalton of General Growth Properties and Jim Bieri, Principal at Bieri & Ames. The experts outlined strategies for developing a sales and merchandising plan; cold calling prospects and learning the fine art of negotiation. Extensive role-playing and what-if scenarios added to the excitement and learning. Attendees participated and traded formulas for success at their own centers; they were also given mini quizzes to test learned knowledge.

The attendees included a healthy mix of new and experienced professionals from all over the country and even U.S. territory, Guam. All attendees mingled at a coffee break designed for additional networking opportunities.

The second day of the summit will address retail math and ideas for generating sponsorship and ancillary income. The Specialty Leasing Summit was created in conjunction with SPREE to provide a training program for leasing professionals in the specialty retail field. The program is designed to be an intensive, one-and-a-half-day professional development summit to help those in the specialty leasing space gain new tenants, retain and grow existing ones, increase revenue and profits and advance their careers.

The Specialty Leasing Summit is part of a larger Specialty Leasing Manager Training Program that will contain courses in six main subject areas: Legal, deal-making, sales and marketing, sponsorship, retail and documentation. “The consensus of our Designation Advisory Committee members was that we needed to offer a program such as this to train and develop industry leaders,” said Duffy Weir, Education Director for Specialty Retail Report.

Just by attending all the sessions at the Specialty Leasing Summit, professionals can earn up to 10 credits toward the 30 total credits required to complete the program. The remaining courses will be offered throughout the year through webinars. Professionals who missed the summit, can still participate in the training program. For more information, please visit

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