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by Randy Conat

HOLLY (WJRT) –Like many small towns, Holly merchants struggle to bring in customers.

Although many shoppers like the convenience of big box stores and shopping malls, a new marketing plan in Holly seems be drumming up more business.

“We have the most unique shops in the area, and we truly are a great treasure in northern Oakland County,” John LaCroix from the Great Lakes Marketing Group said.

He’s talking about stores like the Great Lakes Artisan Village and Morgan’s Boutique – business types not often found in strip malls or shopping centers. Holly merchants have tried for years to bring in new customers, but with only limited results.

“So we came up with a program called Holly Dollars, which awards people money to come to Holly and spend it,” LaCroix said.

The Great Lakes Marketing Group has been mailing vouchers to potential customers in five counties. They come in denominations of $1, $5 and $10 and can be redeemed at any of the 15 businesses participating in the program.

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