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More development is coming to west Tulsa. An upscale shopping center with dining and shopping options in the hands of Tulsa city council.

“The Walk in Tulsa Hills” will be located just south of the current popular shopping destination, “Tulsa Hills” at Highway 75 and 81st street.

Most of the neighbors we spoke to say they are on board for the development that’s going to happen right across the street from them but they also say it’s time to move.

“I think this is a perfect location for commercial,” says Barbara Ragan.

Because of that “for sale” signs sit in some neighboring properties. These southwest Tulsa residents know that the new shopping center “The Walk in Tulsa Hills” is only the beginning and commercial properties will start to take over their neighborhood..

Ragan is a nearby resident and a realtor who says she too will end up moving.

“We should be willing to relocate because there are certainly plenty of houses to find,” says Ragan.

To her it’s kind of like taking one for the team. She knows how important this development is for southwest Tulsa.

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