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Wilmington DE – Today Sweet & Sour USA announced a new concept which focuses on the RMU/Cart market in Shopping Centers across the United States. It is preparing for an aggressive expansion plan to open 50 carts in major malls and markets across the country by the end of this year.

Sweet & Sour USA, is jointly owned by Eli Arzouan and Ralf Conrad who is 100% owner of King of Sweets Inc., The company will introduce this new product and concept at the SPREE tradeshow, April 12 through April 14 (booth 520). A Sweet & Sour product is best described as a soft licorice filled with a flavored cream filling. The cables or ropes are almost 2ft long and come in 31 different sweet or sour flavors. Paul Zaal, spokesman of King of Sweets says “we are very excited to be introducing this great new product to the American market”. We have designed an exciting and fresh marketing campaign for RMU’s which includes professionally designed Point of Purchase marketing materials and custom designed display cases for the product”. This product will be an amazing success; customers will return again and again because they just can’t get enough of these tantalizing sweets.

This imported confectionary is already extremely popular in several European countries and Sweet and Sour is proud to be introducing it to the United States. It is sure to be a sweet and sour sensation!

Sweet and Sour has been test marketed at events and fairs and a select group of shopping centers over the past two years. The product has already proven itself with amazing sales figures and a large return customer base.

King of Sweets, Inc. works with several licensees who operate candy kiosks across the country. Each kiosk offers a variety of at least 52 different confectionary items in a pick and mix style. King of Sweets, Inc continues to expand across the United States and plans to have more than 40 kiosks in shopping centers across the United States by the end of the year.

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