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by Jane Ann Morrison

If you’ve been to Milan, you’ve doubtlessly been to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, maybe even seen the famous mosaic of the bull and stepped on his testicles, not for meanness, but for good luck.

The glass-domed shopping mall was finished in 1877 and named after the first king of unified Italy. The roof of glass and cast iron has been emulated elsewhere, including the Bellagio Conservatory, on a smaller scale.

Now, Las Vegas is going to have its own enclosed mall version of Milan’s architectural delight.

“The Las Vegas Renaissance will be part of the renaissance of Las Vegas,” says Frank Pankratz, president of EHB Cos., a man of enthusiasm and optimism.

The Las Vegas Renaissance will be south of Tivoli Village at the intersection of Alta Drive and Rampart Boulevard and will be developed by the same people who are creating Tivoli Village.

EHB and IDB Group USA purchased the 23-acre parcel for $11.75 million in October from a bank that foreclosed on the land owned by Triple Five Development, developers of Boca Park further south.

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