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January 5th, 2011Wearing your health on your sleeve

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by Buffy Pollock

After suffering a heart attack and quadruple bypass, Jackson County resident Richard Lovie decided the medical-alert necklace he used to wear felt uncomfortably heavy bouncing around on his sore chest.

Another deterrent to wearing it was that the necklace offered limited medical information, denoting simply that Lovie suffered from diabetes, not that he was now a heart patient.

For his birthday, his wife presented him with an Italian charm-style bracelet listing all his vital medical and emergency contact information.

Made of square, stainless-steel links, the Medical Alert Link bracelet is the brainchild of Jacksonville resident Jocie Wall.

Having ventured into Italian charms a handful of Christmas seasons ago, Wall shifted gears two years ago and began offering the bracelets with customized medical information.

Lovie said his new bracelet provides peace of mind, and he appreciates that the information can be changed as often as necessary.

“It’s a good, quality bracelet, and you can have anything on it you want,” he said.

“My wife is going to get one. She has a rare blood type — she’s RH negative — so she wants that on her bracelet. There’s room enough to list all your medications and everything you would want someone to know in an emergency.”

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