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by Lindsay Knake

Saginaw — Quitting smoking ranks as one of the nation’s top New Year’s resolutions, among 12 self-improvement goals that are popular year after year.

In a quest to quit tobacco, some smokers are replacing cartons of cigarettes with cartridges of nicotine, used in electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are odorless, cigarette-sized, battery-powered tubes that release liquid nicotine as a vapor.

Cary Lee, a longtime smoker and owner of The Electronic Cigarette Store, with kiosks in the Fashion Square and Bay City malls, sells the product to people who are trying to quit smoking.

“We’re going to get rid of tobacco with these,” he said. “They are getting more accepted.”

Lee said e-cigarettes from The Clean Cigarette taste and feel like a tobacco cigarette. He helps match his customers to a nicotine level they are used to, and gradually helps many of them lower their levels.

For smokers, the habit is as addictive as the drug, he said. The end of the e-cigarettes light up when someone takes a puff. The user breathes in a the nicotine vapor and releases water vapor with less than 1 percent nicotine.

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