The World's Largest Resource for the Cart, Kiosk, and Temporary Retail Industry
by Jan Falstad

Even with more than 15 million Americans out of work, Stanford ranch kid Rob Ridgeway is confident enough in the musical board game that he invented last year to quit his day job in Billings and swing for the hit parade.

In August 2009, he was hanging out with family and friends at the warm springs near Lewistown when his stepsister said a word and her friend spontaneously broke into a song.

For the next two hours, the group tossed out keywords and sang lyrics containing that word. During the fun, Ridgeway saw a business opportunity.

“Man, that would be a fantastic board game,” he said, and “Spontuneous” (spon-TUNE-e-ous) was born.

The board game has sold nearly 2,000 units out of its first printing of 5,000, mostly through the Internet site For the holidays, Ridgeway rented a Rimrock Mall kiosk in front of Herberger’s where people can buy the game in person for $30, including $1 donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County.

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