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December 29th, 2010After Christmas shoppers jam the malls

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by Ben Gutierrez

Honolulu, HI – The day after Christmas is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. And judging from the crowds that jammed Ala Moana Center, it certainly was true Sunday.

“This is crazy,” said Brandon Mun-Takata as he shopped with his family. “This almost feels crazier than before Christmas. We had the hardest time finding parking, but it’s fun, enjoying the day.”

“As soon as you can find parking, it’s not too bad inside here,” said Craig Katsuda as he waited for his wife, Lisa. And what brought her and other shoppers out? “Good sales,” Lisa said. “At the Disney store, lots of good sales. We’re going to go to Macy’s and Sears and shop all around.”

Those sales also brought out people who were buying gifts, with gifts, including Kristy Tamashiro, who was shopping with gift cards and money. “I got two pairs of shoes and a top and a watch,” she said.

Some shoppers had said they stayed away from Ala Moana because of last week’s power outages. But it looked like they all came back Sunday. And some retailers, like those in the kiosks, said the outages turned out to be a good thing for them.

“It actually helped us, I think, because we’re out in the middle, in the open where everyone can come,” said Sun Park of the SoHo Fashions kiosk. “People who couldn’t shop at the inline stores till had to get gifts, so it actually helped us out.”

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