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by Lisa Vernon-Sparks

Every year we vow not to let the madness of the holidays get the better of us. But, try as we might, the lines, the crowds, the random Santas and bell ringers everywhere can be pretty overwhelming. While some loathe this chaos, others revel in it and all those visions of sugar plum fairies, dancing elves and such.

But whether you enjoy the rush or dread the work (or maybe a little of both), there’s no getting around the fact that it’s already half past November: time to get your brain around the holidays, prep work and all.

The task can be a major battle or major party: you choose.

Take a tip from Ms. Serena Shopper. Relax. One way or another, it will all get done.

Pamper yourself So you want that serene shopping experience? The experts, including Ms. Serena Shopper herself, say a good plan is your best bet. However, whatever the plan is, make sure you fit in a little time for yourself — and it’s not as hard as you think.

“I think a good way to treat yourself is to get a manicure and facial and massage,” said Patricia Norins, CEO of Pinnacle Publishing Group, which reports on retail trends and merchandising.

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