The World's Largest Resource for the Cart, Kiosk, and Temporary Retail Industry
by Justin Rohrlich

At the Atlantic Terminal mall in downtown Brooklyn, groups of four or more — if they’re under 21 years of age and unaccompanied by a parent — are given a choice by security guards: split up into smaller groups or leave.

Using the Atlantic Terminal’s 21-and-over policy as a guide, a group of four or more 19-year-old members of the US Navy on shore leave would be excluded from the property if they were not accompanied by a parent.

As would four or more 20-year-old Suffolk County, NY police officers.

Or Kenny Brewer, the 18-year-old mayor of Los Molinos, California, who, in July, joined Roland, Iowa, mayor Sam Juhl and Union, Oregon, mayor Kyle Corbin as three of the youngest elected officials in US history.

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