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by Allison Miles

The Victoria Mall is a different place than just a few months back. With stores such as Gap and Waldenbooks closing, the building boasts a few more empty spaces.

But it’s all part of a cycle and change is coming, said John Gibson, a partner with the mall’s management company, Hull Storey Gibson Companies.

“When Grandma dies, it ain’t the end of the world,” he said, explaining new babies are born and bring change. “That’s part of the life cycle.”

Here, Gibson shares his views on the local shopping center.

Q: We’ve seen several stores close, the most recent being Gap. Why is that?

A: Consumers are fickle and demanding. A person’s tastes today aren’t what they were four years ago, so stores must adapt. Gap was wonderful but, for whatever reason, was not able to deliver what customers in Victoria wanted. It’s a lot like the show “Survivor.” People vote daily with their pocketbooks and they voted Gap off the island. It’s the same with FYE. People decided to buy music and movies online.

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