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by Todd Smith

Some smokers looking for their hit of nicotine but without all the smoke are turning away from the traditional pack of Marlboros in favor of an electronic cigarette.

At least one e-cigarette user reports improved health but health advocates note the devices still deliver nicotine, which has adverse side effects.

E-cigarettes, which often resemble a traditional cigarette and run on batteries to vaporize a nicotine solution, are available for purchase on many websites.

“They are shaped like a traditional cigarette, but the only thing they have in common with traditional cigarettes is the nicotine itself,” said Garrett Sadler, who manages a mall kiosk called The e-Cig Emporium Inc. in Springfield, Ill. “The other chemicals found in traditional cigarette are not found in e-cigarettes.

“Our particular brand has a pressure sensor that when you draw on it, it senses the change in pressure, which activates the battery, which then activates the atomizer that vaporizes the nicotine solution and creates a nicotine vapor that one inhales like a cigarette,” he said.

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