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June 16th, 2010Plastic wrap

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by Jo Ann Kirby

Paper or plastic?

How about BYOB?

Yes, bring your own bag.

Available in a stylish and sturdy assortment of shapes and sizes, reusable grocery bags are eco-friendly and give you a head start in complying with what could become California law.

Assembly Bill 1998, which is winding its way through the California Legislature, would ban pharmacies and grocery, liquor and convenience stores from providing single-use plastic grocery bags and would require stores to charge a minimum of 5 cents for paper bags that would have to contain at least 40 percent recycled content. It would be the nation’s first statewide plastic bag ban.

“We actually support this bill because of two reasons,” said Dave Heylen, a spokesman for the California Grocers Association. “It subjects all stores that sell groceries to the ban, which levels the playing field, and it also gives grocery stores one set of rules to follow rather than a patchwork of local ordinances.”

The bill passed the Assembly last week and is headed to the state Senate. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he would sign it.

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