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by Rachel Gallegos

There isn’t a Saturday that goes by where Iowa City resident Jacklyn Moore isn’t asked, “So how do you really grow an orchid, anyway?”

It’s a welcome question for Moore, who has seen her love of orchids bloom from a hobby to a growing business opportunity.

Moore is starting her ninth year of business for Orchids and Moore, selling the flowers at the Iowa City Farmers Market and a kiosk and flower cart at Sycamore Mall. It is a side business for Moore, who works full time at ACT.

Moore said she received her first orchid in 1991 as a gift from a friend. Prior to that, she grew perennials, hybrid tea roses and vegetable gardens for 25 years, she said.

“Once I tried growing orchids, they were just wonderful,” she said. “I just fell in love with growing them, their beauty. There’s something mysterious about an orchid.”

The business side developed because people knew she was a hobbyist and asked her to pick up orchids for them at an April 2001 show in the Quad Cities. All of a sudden, she had a huge list of the orchids people wanted, she said.

That summer, she started selling orchids at the farmers market. To continue the business in the winter months, she took over an abandoned, dusty wooden push cart that she saw at Sycamore Mall and turned it into a flower cart.

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