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by Sam Seboe

When is the last time that you entered a really big mall? I know that malls are becoming a little passé with the ease and convenience of online shopping, yet there is something about the mall atmosphere that still keeps us coming back for more.

Blame it on the intoxicating cinnamon rolls, fragrant perfumed candles, or the freshly popped popcorn, malls are hard to complete rid yourself of.

I recently made a trip to one of the bigger malls in the area, so I mentally prepared myself to see the rows of stores, racks of clothing and the fast-food court aplenty. It was what I expected. It was what I had known. It was what I had seen in the past.

Yet, my schema was activated and vision adjusted to a new addition to the corridors of the mall. The kiosk.

Now, I am aware that kiosks have been around for a while. I think that jewelry cleaning one is one of the oldies, as well as the metal engraving thing, too. Come to think about it, the engraving kiosk may have started this trend.

Whatever may have started it, there appears to be no end. In fact, when is the last time that you entered a shopping center and weren’t able to buy a cell phone? And I guess I would feel a little lost and forgotten if someone did not ask me if I wanted to watch the wonder and power of a specialty kitchen knife or all purpose cleaner usually only seen on television.

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