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Klamath Falls, OR – Carriage Works, Inc. – Since the summer of 2008, Las Vegas, a town once thought to be recession proof, has suffered the full brunt of the economic downturn.

However, the worst of it finally appears to have passed as properties up and down the strip are again beginning to pull out their check books.

Carriage Works, a veteran company in the cart, kiosk and RMU manufacturing segment, has seen increases in sales to this city that surpass growth in other markets around the country.

Due to the fact that carts and kiosks are a relatively low cost/risk way of getting new and additional product in front of customers, many casinos began purchasing these units to fill a number of roles. Some units have been used to temporarily occupy space previously vacated by unsuccessful retail tenants. Others have been placed to take advantage of previously unused floor space, or to help adjust to new crowd flows created by changes in a property’s overall layout. Still other units are purchased in conjunction with new events or shows.

Fremont Street Experience recently purchased a large circular beverage kiosk to place outside in the pedestrian mall area, in order to generate additional revenue from crowds passing by. PlayLV Gaming operates the kiosk. Fremont Street Experience is a seven-block open-air pedestrian mall featuring permanent performance stages, live entertainment and a graphic light show that is unparalleled for its time. The kiosk serves alcoholic beverages, and makes use of prominent graphics and lighting to attract customers both during the day, and at night.

In another example of a company moving to capture sales from a previously untapped high traffic area, New York–New York purchased a kiosk to sell Budweiser products to visitors passing over the pedestrian bridge from the MGM Grand hotel. The kiosk serves Budweiser beer, blended daiquiris, pina colada’s and margaritas, bottled water, Jell-O shots, and souvenir mugs and bottles to over-heated tourists who use this corridor.

Kiosks for Wynn Resorts new headliner show, Garth Brooks, are going to be used to sell show related merchandise. These mobile units will be wheeled in and out for each show by a motorized cart. The designs were developed in conjunction with Wynn Resorts own design branch, Wynn Design and Development, to ensure a perfect visual harmony between the event location and the mobile merchandising units. These 3ft by 8ft retail units will be equipped with large slatwall panels that double as security doors, and will be used to sell T-shirts, coffee mugs, pins, prints, CDs and other Garth Brooks memorabilia. Their narrow width will facilitate movement through the halls and passages between the operating and storage areas. By using mobile units in this fashion, Wynn Resorts will be able to quickly adapt the area outside the theater entrance to capture maximum sales according to the event schedule.

As a major manufacturer of carts and kiosks, Carriage Works has been supplying customers in the Las Vegas area for over a decade. These customers include large hotel and entertainment companies, shopping centers, and individual entrepreneurs. The requirements of the various groups differ slightly, but the overall goal is the same; to find an inexpensive, compact, and portable medium from which to promote and sell a product. For the time being, no other platform can match the cart or kiosk in this arena, and the owners of Carriage Works expect their business to continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

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About Carriage Works
The Carriage Works ( is as much a service company as it is a manufacturing one. We take great pride in our workmanship and manufacturing style, but just as important to us is our dedication to providing the services necessary to facilitate the success of our customer’s particular business endeavor. We regularly advise our customer/clients on issues such as point of sale development, marketing a franchise, equipment selection, health department codes, trash management, display marketing, and how to maximize limited space. We look at ourselves as problem-solvers, and we take every opportunity to utilize our 25 years of experience to assist our customers in their new retailing environment.

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