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by Ragan Robinson

Hickory – Sean Reid wants to turn the boxes of unworn T-shirts sitting around his design company into economic stimulus.

With help from a friend at Game Stop, the owner of Lexan Designs hatched an idea to help people buy stuff they want — and help business at the same time.

Saturday, the Game Stop on U.S. 70 in Hickory will give out some 300 Lexan Designs T-shirts.
Throughout May, he and volunteers from the video game store will be on the lookout for folks sporting the shirts.

The people they spot will get gift cards and other donated items from local businesses. Among the free items: Coupons for discount or free haircuts, free food offers, books and bookmarks and gift cards for electronics and video games. The biggest prize is a $500 Game Stop card.

For kids under 18 who come into the prize patrol’s line of sight, Reid plans on donating money to their schools.

Reid said he’s spending $1,000 of his own money to print the shirts and buy gift cards.

“I’ll get my name out there, which is making me happy, but the real idea and the real push behind it is I want to help people in the community out,” Reid said. “We’re not a super-loaded company, so I couldn’t just give people money.”

The original plan was to give everyone they saw in a Lexan Designs shirt $100 or $200 worth of gift cards. Reid’s final amount will depend on how many contributors he gets. He is still finalizing the donations.

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