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by Erin Tiesman

Morning Sun, Iowa – Davey Crockett would be right at home with Sally’s Creations.

The 17-year-old Morning Sun business has been creating fashions out of fur, using everything from bobcat pelts to mink.

Sally Walker-Jondal, her father Sam Walker, and husband Mark Jondal spend hours in her father’s basement, where they meticulously craft each piece – everything from comforters and rugs to stuffed animals and outerwear.

“If someone has a pelt and wants something made, we can do that,” Walker-Jondal said, “If they can think it up, we can figure it out.”

An example of their array of products is on display at Northpark Mall in Davenport for the month of February. Walker-Jondal and Jondal will be at the booth for sales Friday through Sunday during the mall’s operating hours in a kiosk outside of Younker’s department store.

Once only a part-time business for custom orders, family and friends, Sally’s Creations is now full-time and looking to expand. The first goal has already been accomplished: Establish a Web site and sell from it.

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