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by Sally French

The Board Factory is the latest kiosk to open at Downtown Disney, allowing shoppers to design their own skateboards.
Nine-year-old Skyler Ludin of Irvine was visiting Santa at the Paradise Pier Hotel, and knew he wanted a skateboard for Christmas.

On the way out, Ludin saw the new kiosk. Ludin and his father, Terry, decided to stop by and create a skateboard for Skyler.

Shoppers start by picking out the various pieces of their skateboard, including wheels, trucks, decks. Skyler, whose nickname is “Sky” because of his sky-blue eyes, designed his skateboard with a light-blue color scheme.

Shoppers get to watch their skateboards as they are made — which takes about 10 minutes. The deck (which is the design underneath the skateboard) is placed on via heat-transfer through equipment that heats to about 280 degrees.
The skateboards cost about $70 to $85.

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