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December 16th, 2009Mall Kiosk Sells Knock-Off Of Popular Toy

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Overland Park, Kan. — After a tip from a viewer, KCTV5 cameras discovered that a kiosk at Oak Park Mall was claiming to sell a popular stuffed animal toy, but selling a different brand.

The toy is the white hot holiday gift My Pillow Pet — a stuffed animal that turns into a pillow. The toys are in such high demand they are on back order online and are difficult to find at stores in the Kansas City metro.

Olathe resident Trina Contreras bought her young son what she thought was an alligator My Pillow Pet from a kiosk located inside the Oak Park Mall. When she looked at the tag, she realized it wasn’t a My Pillow Pet, but an Animallow. She said when she tried to get her money back, the worker at the kiosk declined.

“I felt like I was being taken advantage of,” Contreras said. “I said, ‘Is this not a real Pillow Pet, your sign says one thing but the tag says something else,’ and he said, ‘No, no, they’re Pillow Pets.’”

Mary Tillery owns the Baby Kisses shop at the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe and sells the official My Pillow Pets.

“The kids think they’re getting a My Pillow Pet off the TV commercial that’s running and they’re getting a knockoff,” Tillery said.

Tillery said she has gone to Oak Park to investigate and said she found the signage at the Oak Park Mall kiosk is the exact same as on the My Pillow Pets Web site.

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