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October 14th, 2009Scaring up some holiday fun

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by Justin Zamudio

San Angelo, Texas — Flashy lights, clowns, circus freaks and macabre oddities some can’t bear to look at have quickly become San Angelo’s latest attraction.

Some might suggest the carnival is in town with the described backdrop, but the quick setup is for the annual Spirit Halloween store. The store has costumes ranging from innocent, kid-friendly clowns to grotesque circus freaks not intended for the faint of heart.

Since the business is based around Halloween, the store is only up and running for about two months. Because of the time constraints, the business is much like a carnival where it sets up shop in a quick manner and just as fast as it was established is taken down not long after Oct. 31.

Although store manager Brian Woodruff has never worked for a haunted house or anything of that nature, he enjoys the extensive decorating that goes into setting up the store’s spooky atmosphere.

“It’s a fun job,” Woodruff said. “Being able to play with all the animatronics and putting out all the decorations is the best part.”

The store offers more than just costumes and accessories; it has all sorts of Halloween-related items from extensively crafted animatronics to candy, face paint, masks and wigs to anything necessary for anyone looking to piece a personal haunted house of their own. Prosthetics of severed body parts and fog machines are a few of the many items that can add to a Halloween party or haunted house atmosphere.

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