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October 28th, 2009Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dream

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by Dan Schawbel

The economy has moved a dark cloud over the world, leaving some people without hope of sunshine. But others see a light between the clouds. These optimistic individuals have an opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams like never before. Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports that the percentage of job seekers starting their own businesses has doubled, from 4.3% last year to 8.7% this year. It’s no surprise that unemployed workers choose entrepreneurship over months of job-search misery. If there are no jobs, why not create your own?

The economy needs jobs more than children need pacifiers. “There is an international need for more entrepreneurs than ever before,” says Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich (Business Plus, 2009). He believes entrepreneurs—not the government—can replenish the current economic wasteland. Entrepreneurship begs for risk, competitiveness, and creative ideas as well as the ability to withstand stress. So, are you a prospective entrepreneur?

If you are, then just like Mark Zuckerberg and the Google (GOOG) guys, you’re going to need business advisers who are actual entrepreneurs, not just teachers or coaches. An Entrepreneurship 101 class won’t help you build a million-dollar company in this lifetime. “It takes guts, and it takes good advisers,” Kiyosaki says. “You have to be very careful who you take advice from, because most people are not entrepreneurs.” By surrounding yourself with experienced people, you can complement your strengths and bring your dreams to life.

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