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June 9th, 2009Zen Zest marks eight fragrant years

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Eight years ago, Michelle Asence opened Zen Zest with a kiosk in SM Megamall. It was a time when there were very few high-quality local beauty brands so consumers were paying big money for imported products. Asence wanted to share her passion for great quality with inexpensive body care items that even students could appreciate and afford to buy for friends and family during Christmas or special occasions.

Asence, who grew up with a love for fine scents and bath and body products, has a knack for coming up with high-quality products using virgin coconut oil.

“I remembered owning an imported body scrub. As much as I would like to lavish myself with it, I could only use it before going to a party because it was too expensive,” Asence says. “Then, I thought, what if I could come up with something of the same quality that everyone could afford and use every day?”

Pretty soon, local publications were writing about Zen Zest’s collection and this has contributed greatly to the brand’s broad appeal.

The entrepreneurial Asence took a leap of faith after doing extensive research, attending several trade fairs and enlisting the assistance of a chemist in developing the product lines.

With a carefully researched line of personal care items ranging from soaps, scrubs and scents, Zen Zest has expanded its initial range of 30 products to 100 over the years, including its best-selling VCO products, tea tree oil line, room and linen sprays, massage oils and other aromatherapy products, as well as a line of cocktail-inspired scents targeted for men and women.

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