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Raleigh, N.C. – Headway Corporate Resources today announced its GPS (Geographical Precise Sourcing) Recruitment System Technology that locates qualified candidates and job seekers within a specific radius of employment and work locations.

More and more job seekers are in search of employment opportunities within close proximity of where they reside. Headway’s GPS Recruitment System Technology precisely sources and locates qualified candidates within a predetermined geographical radius of where clients need them. This is especially important as organizations, including many in the retail sector, strive to be more successful and competitive through their efforts to connect with the best talent available. Recently, Headway’s GPS Recruitment System was used to successfully locate, recruit and hire over 6,000 sales associates and store managers in 47 states, at nearly 600 locations, for a nationwide retailer.

“Our nationwide solutions source and secure those difficult to find and exceptional job candidates, which enables our clients to spend more time and resources on the selling and servicing of their market offerings, rather than on the complexities of today’s specialized recruitment processes and activities” said Debbie Brown, Executive Vice President of Headway Corporate Resources.

Headway’s GPS Recruitment System Technology works in conjunction with its Adaptive RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) program for the identification, sourcing, screening, tracking, testing, interviewing and hiring of job candidates for its clients. Headway’s experience in providing recruitment outsourcing services and workforce solutions, on a nationwide and scalable basis, enables organizations to reduce costs and be more productive in their hiring performance and metrics.

About Headway
Headway Corporate Resources has been delivering innovative workforce solutions since 1974. The company’s award-winning human capital management approach is comprised of two service divisions; Recruitment & Staffing and Adaptive Workforce SolutionsSM. Headway provides comprehensive recruiting and staffing resources, as well as large-scale, enterprise based, managed workforce solutions on a national basis. Headway Corporate Resources ranks among one of the top staffing and recruitment companies in the world and serves an array of Fortune 1000 businesses. Learn more about Headway Corporate Resources at

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