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by Melissa Burden

Fenton Township, Michigan — Eww. Gross. Yuck.

You know, it’s what you think when your son or daughter uses a sleeve to wipe that runny nose.

Retired nurse anesthetist Michele Strocel may have the answer if your little one refuses or can’t use a tissue to blow his or her nose. And it’s one that could actually prevent others from getting sick.

Strocel of Fenton Township has worked for more than two years on a personal respiratory hygiene product that can stick to your shirt sleeve or shoulder to capture those yuckies from your nose when you sneeze and mouth when you cough.

It’s called the CoughCover.

Strocel, 62, said the disposable, five-layered pieces of a special fabric are about 3.5 inches by 5 inches in size and can help prevent spreading cold and flu viruses.

Why not just use a tissue?

The CoughCover can be used hands-free and for long periods of time, the product’s Web site says.

Strocel said one of the layers of the CoughCover contains antiviral ingredients that are proven to kill cold and flu viruses. There’s also a stay-dry liner like that of a diaper, while another layer absorbs moisture.

“Instead of just coughing onto your clothes, let’s make this a little bit more efficient, that will actually kill the bugs that are in the cough,” Strocel said.

With its patent pending, the CoughCover will make its public debut next month at Flint Township’s Genesee Valley Center. Strocel expects by mid-February to set up a mall kiosk to offer samples of the CoughCover and to take orders.

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