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January 6th, 2009Clothing line honors ancestor

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by Marilyn Forbes

When brothers Bill and Tim Dye decided to do a little family research they never dreamed that taking a peek at their ancestry would lead to a thriving and popular business, one that honors their grandfather Red Dye.

“I had been doing some research into my ancestors and we read about him,” Bill Dye said of legendary Red Dye of Connellsville, a local character known for his tough ways and no-nonsense manner. “I found some of his quotes and we decided to have the quotes made into T-shirts for the family. We thought that this could be a way, not only to honor our grandfather but something that we could also do for our father. He was just a teenager when his father died so we thought we’d do the T-shirts for the both of them.”

The T-shirts were an instant hit and soon the two brothers found themselves selling an entire stock of Red’s nickname, Bull of the Woods.

The clothing line goes by the Bull of the Woods moniker or just BOTW.

The original T-shirt, one of the most popular in the line, sites one of Red Dye’s best known quotes, “I heard they were lookin’ for me.”

“We had talked about going into some type of business together and then this all just came together,” Tim Dye said. “We talked about this and we said, ‘Let’s just do it.’ We were excited about it from the very beginning, but we never dreamed that it would take off like this. It’s exceeded my expectations.”

The full line of clothing offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, sweatpants, polos, dog tags, duffle bags and lanyards.

The brothers launched their new line in the fall and were thrilled when they were contacted by country music star Cody McCarver of the group Confederate Railroad.

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