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by Michelle Costa

Everywhere we turn, there’s evidence of the effects of a tough economy.

Local News 8 reported Wednesday night, the owner of two local malls is one business struggling.

In fact, General Growth Properties, known as GGP, may have to file for bankruptcy protection. But, they say this will not affect their businesses in Eastern Idaho.

GGP operates more than 200 malls in 44 states across the country, including Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls and Chubbuck’s Pine Ridge Mall.

Christmas lights and music are already playing. Tis the season for Holiday shopping.

“There’s no impact at all given any of GGP’s financial things for now or in the future. From a local level, it’s business as usual. Our mall is still open. Our shoppers will still be able to come,” said David Moss, General Manager, Pine Ridge Mall.

Four weeks ago, two new shops opened up at Pine Ridge Mall, Aeropostale and Dominion Reefs. Plus, Party Palace relocated its store there earlier this year. Moss believes it’s helping business.

“We see the same amount of traffic, actually more traffic. People are still spending money. They are still buying things. Sales are relatively flat. We have retailers that are blowing numbers out of the water in double digit perspectives. 10-20-30% increases,” said Moss.

And, if you walk through the mall, you’ll see there’s already a lot of people, it’s not just the colder weather, people are already starting their holiday shopping.

“Just you know, doing a little bit of shopping. Checking out you know stuff before Christmas. Just come out here you know thanksgiving and try to hit all the sales and stuff,” said Jason Spillett, Pocatello.

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