University Park Mall

March 19, 2017
Reaction Games Brings Retro Video Games to University Park Mall

Mishawaka, IN - If you’re walking around University Park Mall in Mishawaka, there’s an interesting kiosk display that might catch your eye. Kids young and old can’t help but stop at Reaction Games’ new kiosk when they see the two giant Gameboy displays playing old video games. The Gameboy displays are the focal points of the new retro vi... »

July 13, 2014
New Look, New Tenants at UP Mall

Mishawaka, IN - Retail renovation and construction projects sometimes fall behind schedule. Even the best contractors can run into unforeseen issues that cause delays and inevitably alter projected completion dates. For this reason, business owners often are hesitant to release tentative opening dates too early. And the larger the project, the gr... »

April 28, 2014
South Bend Mall Renovation Stays on Schedule Despite Need for Crews to Work Around Shoppers

South Bend, IN - If you have ever completed a major home improvement project, you know that it takes a lot less time to remove old flooring than it does to lay new tile. But some University Park Mall shoppers might be surprised to hear that it will take contractors every bit of the next five-plus months to complete the multimillion-dollar renovati... »

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