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April 15, 2017
Faster, Cheaper, More Direct: Why Hong Kong’s Pop-Up Shops are Here to Stay

Retail may be suffering in Hong Kong, but pop-up shops and events have proven to be a lucrative opportunity for designers and brands looking to reconnect with the local consumer. Although the pop-up isn’t a new concept, all segments of the market are welcoming it, as a testing ground for everything from disruptive concepts to specific products... »

March 26, 2016
Pop-up Stores Giving Shopping Malls a Boost

Hit by rising vacancy rates and competition from e-commerce websites, shopping malls are turning to a temporary solution to attract shoppers - pop-up stores. At least two companies have sprung up in recent months to play middleman between retailers looking for temporary shopfronts and malls with vacant spaces. Invade, launched last month, has... »

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