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August 20, 2017
What’s Going on at The Greene? Pop-up Shop Program to Bring in New Retailers

Beavercreek, OH - A new puzzle shop has opened at The Greene Town Center in Beavercreek, and plenty of other unique stores could open soon at the retail development through a new pop-up shop program. Puzzle Plus, a family-owned puzzle store, sells jigsaws, brain teasers, puzzle books and games. The store carries games and puzzles for all ages an... »

August 3, 2017
Sports, Storage And Beyond: Finding New Retail Experiences In Unexpected Places

Between pop-up shops and programming, it gets tough to know when experiential is just a buzzword in retail, and when it really has an impact. From live music to back-of-house efficiencies, here's how Topgolf, The Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond are innovating to keep consumers engaged. Retailers are focusing more heavily on customer engage... »

June 29, 2017
Bloomingdale’s Opens HBO’s ‘Defiant Ones’ Pop-Up Shops

Bloomingdale’s is teaming up with HBO this summer to open a series of pop-up shops in select locations. The department store will feature exclusive merchandise tied to “The Defiant Ones,” a four-part documentary exploring the intersecting lives of music executive Jimmy Iovine and rap pioneer Dr. Dre, which premieres July 9. Bloomingdale’... »

June 9, 2017
The Broad Business Case for Pop-up Shops

The concept of pop-up retail has soared in popularity over the last number of years. Done right, these temporary retail spaces can offer smaller companies a platform to test the market without hefty investment, solve the tangible disconnect between online stores and their customers, and regenerate the face of larger, more established brands. A b... »

May 25, 2017
Pop Ups Popping Up At Grosvenor Metro Stop

Bethesda, MD - Commuters at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro stop aren’t rushing to their cars at the end of the day quite as quickly as they normally do. Between now and the end of June, the area between the parking lot and the entrance to the Red Line train is home to pop-up stores selling food, clothing and flowers on Wednesdays, Thursdays and F... »

May 4, 2017
How Pop-up Shops Bridge the gap Between ecommerce and Brick-and-Mortars

Changing a store’s window display regularly is good retail business sense. But for Bref MTL, changing the display is the business. The Mile End shop is an art gallery-store hybrid whose name is exactly right: Bref, or en anglais, “brief” — as in: in four to six weeks’ time these products will be gone, replaced by an entirely new assort... »

April 21, 2017
Keep On Poppin’ On: Pop-Up Shops Gain Popularity in Tucson as Entrepreneurs use the Concept to Reinvent Their Craft

Tucson, AZ - The “pop-up” trend has gained much attention in Tucson in the last few years thanks to an up and coming chef, an innovative restaurant owner, and a couple of creative entrepreneurs. Pop-ups—temporary shops or events that typically last anywhere from a day to a few months—have been popular in big cities, but Tucson has recently ... »

April 15, 2017
Faster, Cheaper, More Direct: Why Hong Kong’s Pop-Up Shops are Here to Stay

Retail may be suffering in Hong Kong, but pop-up shops and events have proven to be a lucrative opportunity for designers and brands looking to reconnect with the local consumer. Although the pop-up isn’t a new concept, all segments of the market are welcoming it, as a testing ground for everything from disruptive concepts to specific products... »

January 27, 2017
In Stores, Retailers Get Personal to Fight E-Commerce

It’s no secret that brick-n-mortar retailers are having a tough time. Stores are battling against online giants like Amazon, H&M and many others. Icons like Macy’s are closing dozens of stores and laying off thousands of employees. To stop the flood of dollars to e-commerce, retailers are developing more personalized in-store customer experi... »

January 27, 2017
Muskegon Joins Pop-up Shop Craze

Muskegon, MI - The city of Muskegon is thinking inside the box — one measuring between 90 and 150 square feet — to inject a retail presence in the downtown. Construction is underway on a cluster of nine or 10 pop-up shops, or chalets, to house small retail outlets on Western Avenue between First and Second streets. Retailers will be able to ... »

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