How Unattended Kiosks Are Connecting Consumers With Cosmetics


Another cosmetic player in the unattended retail space is the Proactiv Company, a producer of acne treatment and prevention products. In addition to positioning its self-service kiosks at airports, Proactiv’s unattended retail locations can also be found at malls located around the world. With about 1,000 kiosks peppered across the U.S., Canada and Japan, the company has found a way to reach consumers looking to buy Proactiv products on the go.

To discuss the company’s decision to invest in unattended kiosks, PYMNTS recently caught up with Kimber Maderazzo, the Proactiv Company’s EVP of brand and product marketing. Maderazzo explained why the company considers itself a “pioneer” in the world of unattended retail and why it only recently decided to make its products available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Going directly to the customer

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