Turn Cellphones Into Cash at Neshaminy Mall Kiosk

by James Boyle

Bensalem, PA – You know that drawer in your house, where you keep stashing cellphones after getting a new upgrade? The one that has become a mess of obsolete technology and wires? It’s time to gather those old phones up and take them to the Neshaminy Mall. In the food court sits a large, green machine that eagerly awaits to chow down on those phones and give you some money for your trouble. As you walk away with cash in your pocket, the ecoATM kiosk has prevented the phone from being thrown out and crushed in a landfill. “The phone has all those metals and toxic elements inside it,” said Ryan Kuder, marketing director for ecoATM. “When it is destroyed, all of that leaks into the soil and gets into the ecosystem.”

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