The Perks of Having a Pop-Up Shop

by Aya Tsuruta

In the frigid February air of Boston, my mission was simply to get from point A, Park Street, to point B, the North End. I had no intentions of pausing, but while walking through Faneuil Hall I was compelled to do a double take after seeing that Uniqlo, one of my favorite clothing retailers, had suddenly opened a store. Something about it felt off, though –it was oddly small but charmingly so. When I walked in, I learned that it was a pop-up shop, Uniqlo’s way of introducing their brand to Boston and prefacing the establishment of six permanent stores around the area. Pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that typically stay open for anywhere from one day to three months, suited for any kind of merchandise. Clothing retailers like Uniqlo use empty store space while food and beverage companies tend to use food trucks or stands and booths at farmers’ markets. Although today an increasing number of sales are made online, a brand’s physical presence is still a significant factor of its success. Pop-up shops are a great way to ensure an impactful physical presence. Here are five reasons why you should open one today:

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