Let’s talk about Doughp, San Francisco’s new cookie dough kiosk

by Justin Phillips

In less than a week, San Francisco’s only hip hop-influenced cookie dough kiosk Doughp (pronounced “dope”) will open its first brick and mortar location in the Castro’s Myriad food hall.

It’s a millennial-focused outfit with concoctions like “This S’More is Hella Lit” (marshmallow fluff-infused dough with graham crackers and chocolate chips), “Cold Brew is Bae” (cold brew cookie dough with coffee grounds and chocolate chips) and “The OG” (chocolate chip cookie dough).

The person behind the hip hop-laden nod to unbaked confections? Bay Area native Kelsey Witherow, a funny, young, first-time restaurateur.

“So you want to know how I became a ‘Doughp’ dealer,” Witherow jokingly asked when we spoke last week. When asked about the shop’s theme, she responded with: “I was the white girl at my high school who was going through the Hyphy movement. I was obsessed with Mac Dre.”

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