Invite Bandz – The Ultimate Invitation! The New Trend in Tween Party Invitations Can Now Be Worn On The Wrist

by Press Relase

The party is antiquated no longer – introducing Marked Private, the new invitation that combines cool physical wristbands with an exciting online social media experience, designed especially for tweens and teens. Just like airplane tickets and newspapers, the party has gone digital. Evite, Punchbowl and Facebook events require knowing email addresses, are intended for adults and are digital only. So one inventive mom of three tween-agers created Marked PrivateTM, a hip and unique wrist band which is connected to a protected and clever online site rich in functionality that rockets it light years ahead of any online e-invitation. Now kids as young as 7 can plan and safely interact with friends using the ultimate invitation. The invitation is so much more than a single party event, it’s an online social portal designed to be both safe and cool. Now kids have their very own online party page to create their invitation, RSVP, see who’s coming, share photos and video, chat and more before, during and after their party. Marked Private Invite BandzTM are the unrivaled invitation and party planning tool in one. Visitors to the American International Toy Fair can gain access to this twist of the wrist by visiting Booth #6443. Marked Private is catapulting parties into the digital world to keep up with today’s tween-agers. “Private Invite Bandz marry the traditional act of giving a physical invitation to the digital world. This opens up a whole new way of interacting around something that all kids love- their own party!” summarizes Marked Private creator and President Denise DiSano. “I was inspired by my three ‘digital natives’ who love to play a big role in planning their own parties. Combining a reinvented accessory like the silicone band that kids have collected and adored with a creative, fun website which is centered on a kid’s most special event seemed like a perfect combination.” Every party starts with an invitation. But these invitations–Invite Bandz–can be worn on the wrist and give access to a virtual world! The invitation is the band, and Marked Private Invite Bandz are revolutionizing the party space- there is nothing like it! Each band comes with a unique code that gives party goers an all access pass to a private online party page. Hosts can be as creative as they choose when customizing their page, inviting guests with cool themes, photos and personalized video. Friends can gather before the event to RSVP, share gift wish lists, take polls, play games and chat. After the party, hosts and friends can upload photos and video from the party to share. And no more coaxing your kids to write thank you notes! Thank you messages with photos and video can easily be created and shared with guests. Now parties can be customized, personalized and privatized, and it’s easy enough for all kids to do. Best part is, after the party friends can keep the connection going in the Friendz HubTM, Marked Private’s safe, private, and contemporary online social network just for tweens and their friends. The extremely engaging site keeps kids coming back to check in for updates on polls, contests, games, or just to check in and chat. The social network site will be addictively fun! Marked Private Invite Bandz includes 8 bandz plus one for the host and 8 invite cards and envelopes, with a suggested retail price of $12.99. Also available, the Marked Private Booster Pack. Need to invite more friends? This booster pack includes 4 more bandz, invite cards and envelopes for guests for a suggested retail price of $6.99. The newest trend in tween parties and the social network goes live in May 2014. Visit their website, to get more information and pre-order. As creator DiSano says, “All the best parties are Marked Private!” About Marked Private Denise DiSano, a Bedford, N.Y. mother of three tweens, and a former elementary school reading specialist and teacher, got the idea of connecting a digital message to a band when her daughter received a birthday gift with a silicone band attached. Denise thought, “It would be really cool if the band connected to a video birthday wish that could be retrieved online.” And just like that – the seed of Marked Private was planted! The clever idea of a physical product, like a wristband, being tied to a digital party invite, or thank you, became Marked Private Invite BandzTM. And that was only the beginning. DiSano’s husband Dan, a technology entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses and is currently CEO of software development company Axispoint, helped bring Denise’s idea to life. Together they built and patented an interactive and highly engaging social network that is a hub of excitement around the party. She also reached out to fellow mother of three tweens, Felicia Stafford, an advertising and sales expert from media giants such as DMB&B, Young & Rubicam and Fox Family, to help with Marketing, PR, Sales and Advertising. DiSano also brought in Chris Augustin, former CIO of Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Citigroup, as Chief Information Officer and business adviser to build the company’s core platform. As an extension to the party experience, Marked Private is also launching a hip and robust social network called Friendz Hub, to keep the connection going long after the party is over. The Hub is fully COPPA compliant, and privacy and safety are virtually guaranteed since friends can only access each other’s accounts by gifting a wristband with a unique, private code.

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