Climb Aboard the UAE’s Pop-up Bandwagon

by Manar Al Hinai

UAE – Growing up in the UAE, I’ve witnessed how the shopping experience has evolved over time. From browsing at the old souq to the development of shopping malls to looking for items at pop-up fashion events or hunting for bargains via Instagram and WhatsApp.

Small business owners in the UAE all want to reach new customers and increase their sales without committing to one physical location. This results in many participating in pop-up fashion events – temporary retail events which are particularly popular around Eid, holiday seasons or in the winter. Flash retailing events in the UAE include Mirbad, Ataya and Eventra.

These types of events now take place all over the world, with the likes of reality TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner recently launching her pop-up fashion store in New York and before that in Los Angeles. The car brand Mercedes-Benz has also organised various pop-up events around the UK.

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