American Kiosk Management, LLC Is Launching the First-Ever Virtual Reality Kiosk Dedicated to Providing Immersive VR Experiences and Headsets

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American Kiosk Management LLC, the largest owner and operator of carts, kiosks and automated retail in North America, is pleased to announce the opening of its first virtual reality kiosk. This kiosk delivers immersive, virtual reality experiences on the Virtuix Omni, not found anywhere else in retail. Consumers can control their avatars actions in the virtual world and will also be able to purchase a variety of virtual reality headsets, the first children augmented reality book and Allie Cam the all-new 360 x 360 camera. Prices range from $19.95 to $499. The grand opening is confirmed for Saturday, November 19th and will be located near the runway in the Great Hall at Fashion Show, Las Vegas.

The state of the art custom kiosk was designed in partnership with PLUS Environment. “Plus Environment provided us an experience where we could work directly from concept to completion. We have been thrilled with our experience with Plus Environment”, said Linda Johansen-James, CEO of American Kiosk Management LLC.

“We are very excited about being involved in the design and build of Virtual Reality by AKM. Working with such futuristic technology has brought forth a great challenge to our team and allowed our full breadth of knowledge and talents to be utilized”, said Trisha Kee, Vice President of Experiential Environments at PLUS Environment.

For AKM Media Relations contact Debbie Alisca Director of Marketing; for New Business Inquiries contact Michael Brielmann Executive VP of Business Development

Fore PLUS Environments Media contact: Trisha Kee, 702-651-9677 x112 or

About American Kiosk Management:
American Kiosk Management, LLC (AKM) is the largest Owner Operated Specialty Retailer with offices in Las Vegas and New York. The company has grown successful operations at over a thousand locations throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. AKM have represented numerous well-known brands in carts, kiosks, and automated machines. AKM has sold over $1.5 billion in retail and has served over 60 million customers.

About PLUS Environments:
PLUS Environments, a division of PLUS Studios, is a design-build firm that is focused on creating the most unique experiences possible with their clientele. From custom retail stores, to stadium VIP booths, and everything in between, the PLUS Environments team is shoving traditional environmental branding over the edge with their unique approach to partnership and execution. PLUS Environments is a division of PLUS Studios, a Las Vegas based exhibit studio that serves tradeshow and event clientele all over the world. For more information about PLUS Environments, call 702-651-9611 or visit PLUS Environments is located at 3917 E. Lone Mountain Road, Suite CC, North Las Vegas, NV 89081

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