Fall 2011
Winter Wows

Looking for a winter wonderland? Here are some ideas for merchandising both winter and holiday-themed carts and RMUs.

Holiday gifts in specialty retail often include winter merchandise. If it does, it is important to make sure these RMUs are merchandised so the décor flows seamlessly beyond the holidays and through the rest of the winter. Here are some ways you can achieve a holistic look at your mall units.

Fresh approaches to merchandising include the use of interesting fixtures to showcase merchandise. Once fixtures are decided upon, light props can add the feel of winter

This RMU is designed for winter scarves. Since the merchant’s goal was to sell more than one scarf to every customer, it was important to effectively showcase the variety available. A twelve-cube storage unit from Staples achieved this well.

The cubby units are relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble and even better, blend with the RMU—which is one of the mall’s requirements. This RMU features two of the twelve-unit cubbies and a six cubby-unit for the end cap. Additional scarf styles are merchandised on the perimeter shelves below the bed of the cart. Plexiglas separators help keep scarves in order. A tension shower bar at the top softens the angular look of the cubbies and displays the scarves effectively. White birch branches, birch poles, and fake pine greens, add just the right touch of winter to the RMU.

This RMU sells children’s fleece “animal” hats. Fixtures are kept at a minimum so as to not detract from the hats themselves. Interesting children’s head forms are not easily found; this RMU uses small parson-style tables and lampshades from IKEA. The black fixtures highlight the colorful and decorative children’s animal hats. The tables are placed in a loose pyramid style so as to achieve different height levels. The back stock is merchandised on the perimeter shelves at the base of the RMU.

The majority of the merchandise here is footwear for adults and children—hats were to be added later in the season. Since the lease potentially could run through the entire winter, the look was left clean so new styles could be brought in without adding clutter.

The RMU sports a winter snow theme. The bed and shelves have a ground cover of white; tree trunks are used as pedestals for different merchandise styles. More trunks can be added as new merchandise comes in. The sheepskin is used as the white groundcover here. It serves two purposes: it gives the look of snow and adds to product branding. For a final winter touch, snowflakes are suspended from the roof of the RMU.

The last example showcases a holiday cart—Santa’s Pen. The merchandise is customizable resin holiday ornaments and gift items. A slatwall fixture that sits on the bed of the cart holds the numerous styles of ornaments. To emphasize the “Santa” in the products, the slatwall fixture is designed to look like a chimney. White hooks, positioned on the fixture at intervals, give the impression of bricks. The gift items are merchandised on the blades of the RMU and on the perimeter shelf below its bed. Christmas stockings are merchandised on waterfalls on the vertical post. Holiday garland on the canopy and around the two vertical posts, add a graceful finishing touch.

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