Winter 2014
Winter Wonderland

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park in New York City are an ultimate retail destination – and every specialty retailer’s dream outlet.

Since 2002, Bryant Park in New York City has hosted The Holiday Shops as part of the Winter Village. There are over 125 “shops” – kiosks that are housed within the park’s borders. The Winter Village includes a large skating rink and restaurants as well. Each year, many of the shop owners return to sell a variety of goods ranging from jewelry, local food, bath and body products and a multitude of other items.

Frank DiPrisco, an owner at Upsilon Ventures, the company that has managed the shops for years, says: “The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park have become one of the most popular shopping venues in New York City and are an integral part of the Winter Village.” Upsilon Ventures is a specialty development firm with expertise in property development, marketing and production related services.

From November to January, the shops attract both tourists and New Yorkers looking for unique holiday gifts. Continuing to grow in size and popularity, the shops boast 28 additions this season. Ninety-eight of the 116 shops from the last season have returned this time around. Rent for single unit shops were between $18,000 and $40,000 this past season. There are also multi-unit and special large shops that cost more, but those prices are not typically published. Specialty retailers looking to be a part of next year’s program can contact Deborah DiPrisco (she is Frank’s sister-in-law) at

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