Spring 2013
Fixated on Fixtures

FinalNot enough storage room. Poor lighting. Sound familiar? You can make your fixtures work for you. This retailer’s example tells you how.

The difference between good and great sales can all come down to merchandising; and nothing can break a good merchandising display like the wrong kind of fixture.

Before you narrow your fixtures down, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I need flexibility in the display? Will I need to update and change the merchandise often?
  • Will I need printers, monitors or other electronics? How will I hide the cords?
  • Do I need additional lighting?
  • What colors, themes and design styles will work?

In this example, owners Joan Cordova and Douglas Pistone wanted fixtures that would work for their business, Embroider-It!, located at the Westfield Valencia Town Center in Valencia, CA. Special space needs to take into account were the large embroidery machine and plenty of room for a workstation.


When it’s time to evaluate your fixtures, once you have answered the questions outlined earlier, you’re ready to create the design and spec pages, which will help you organize and lay out what you need.

Here’s how the Embroider-It! RMU came together . . .

The RMU has space for a relatively decent-sized workstation, which is essential for a personalized embroidery business.

This is the base for the embroidery machine with a support riser underneath. This fixture had to be built to specific weight requirements. Please note the special light that serves as additional lighting for detailed work.

The final unit has plenty of space for storage and merchandise display. Logo wrap on storage space at back emphasizes specialty retail operation’s branding.

Marshawn Wallace

Marshawn Wallace is the owner and visual merchandiser of Deca Dramatic Traditions. She specializes in holiday décor, graphics and fixture design, implementation and installation of store, kiosk and RMU concepts. For more information, please visit
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