Doing the Numbers

Industry data and what they mean for your specialty retail business.

family-travelsAre we There Yet?
According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel-related expenditures are expected to increase by 3.2% from last year to $841.6 Billion in 2012. What products are stocking up for summer, the peak travel season, to take advantage of an expected surge?

At Your Service
Self-service kiosks continue their exponential growth. The IHL Group forecasts that over $1.1 trillion is expected to be transacted through such kiosks by the year 2015. Do you plan to rely on a
self-service kiosk for at least part of your specialty retail business this year?

Green Beauty
The worldwide sales of natural cosmetics in 2010 $8.4 Billion.
(Source: Organic Monitor)

North American market = $5.1 Billion
Sales are expected to increase this year but at a lower rate.

Stop Thief!
As the graph shows, return fraud takes many forms. What do you do to combat return fraud? Do you have a clearly outlined return policy on your store receipts?

Tablet Trends
Forrester Research predicts that 112.5 million US adults will own a tablet in 2016. That’s almost 35% of the population! Do you have a mobile marketing strategy in place to cater to this growing consumer segment?

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