Spring 2015
Designing a Successful Kiosk

Learn how Maria Rivolta’s kiosk at Mall of America draws in customers for its line of jewelry, watches and accessories.

Brett Beaudette

While kiosks offer maximum exposure due to their ability to position your brand within the common area of a shopping center, there are many strategies and design options you must consider to improve your chances for success. Your kiosk’s location and signage are both key to drawing foot traffic and the attention of customers.

As it is in all businesses, your location is critical to your success. Each location comes with its own set of challenges. Assess your kiosk from 50 feet away and from all angles. Line of sight is critical when deciding product placement, overall customer flow and signage.

Signage must be legible and easy to understand. Does its positioning provide the best vantage point for customers approaching from all directions? Lighting, shapes and use of colors can also have a great deal of impact on your signage and ultimately how you are seen and separated from visual clutter by the consumer.

Below we break down the design elements of a popular kiosk at Mall of America that showcases Maria Rivolta’s line of jewelry and accessories.

Here the kiosk utilizes its signage to support three needs. First, it provides the kiosk with its main backlit channel signage. Secondly, it duals as a blade sign on the reverse side to those approaching from behind and, finally, it incorporates puck lighting along the bottom edge to help with lighting the lower counter display.


A. Maria Rivolta takes into account and incorporates the escalator into its kiosk design, thus maximizing merchandising opportunities as well as line of sight.

B. This walkthrough design helps to create a retail zone that takes the customer mentally out of the common area and into the shopping experience.

C. Additionally, the staggered heights of the display cases help to create an environment for 360-degree merchandising and shopping opportunities. This allows multiple customers to comfortably enjoy their shopping experience without getting in each other’s way.

D. Glass cases are designed to maximize lighting options. Overhead lighting, side lighting and up-lighting from backlit bases all provide strong visual energy to the space.

E. Anchoring the floating display cases with a custom floor treatment helps define the retail space while creating further branding opportunities.

F. The merchandising plan utilizes simple clear and frosted glass elements, allowing for the colorful jewelry line to be the main focus.


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