Winter 2015
A Flavor of Florida

Artegon Marketplace Orlando opened its doors in November 2014, unveiling Florida’s largest indoor marketplace and over 150 specialty retail opportunities.

Inside this 1.1 million-square-foot attraction lies a 350,000-square-foot indoor marketplace filled with local artisans, merchants, entertainment, dining and 165 short-term leasing spaces. To put it more succinctly, for specialty retailers, Artegon Marketplace is the land of opportunity.

Optimally located on International Drive (on the site of the former Festival Bay Mall), Artegon is poised to capture the tourist market. “We expect several million shoppers annually,” says Steven Sless, executive vice-president of Artegon Orlando Marketplace. His forecast is based on Artegon’s mix of existing anchor tenants and the adjacent Orlando Premium Outlets, which currently attract 12-14 million shoppers—the vast majority of whom drive past Artegon.

While anchors are important to any shopping center business model, at Artegon, specialty retailers are playing a key role. “What is most important about Artegon Orlando is the artisanal mix of merchants that will go into the marketplace,” Sless says.

The concept of Artegon came from the idea of creating a public marketplace—similar to Pike Place Market in Seattle, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston—with an exciting and eclectic mix of vendors, says Sless. “Everyone will enjoy their own personal sense of discovery,” he says. Within Artegon’s marketplace, guests can sample foods and watch artisans practice crafts such as glass blowing, and
portrait painting.

“Specialty retail is the heart and soul of the property,” says Sless. Artegon’s 165 short-term leasing spaces range in size from 130 to 300 square feet. Artisan booths are made from open lattice-design metal structures that encourage interaction and add to the marketplace excitement by day; by night, the booths can be shuttered and locked for security. In addition, there are 20 RMUs, kiosks and plenty of space for special events that include art shows, chef demonstrations, classic car shows, and live band performances.

Artegon offers small businesses the opportunity to get in front of a huge audience in Orlando, says Sless. “It is a specialty tenant’s ideal situation to be in the heart of a tourist district,” he says.

To assist artisans who aren’t ready for a space of their own, Artegon Marketplace offers retailers partnering possibilities through the Artegon Retail Partner Wall on the company website. “It has helped a few tenants and we expect the use will increase,” says Sless. Artegon offers specialty retailers flexible terms and several different rent structures, says Sless, as well as a variety of space options, including a small shop (300 SF), RMUs (5×8), small inline spaces, and the ability for a tenant to use their own kiosk, he says.

Specialty Retail Report profiles three debuting specialty retailers to find out how opportunity knocked on their door, and why they chose to come on board.

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