Spring 2017
20th Annual Visual Victories Awards

It’s hard to believe that our annual Visual Victories Awards celebration is now 20 years young. Over the years, the ingenuity of visual merchandisers through their creative use of color, props, and unusual materials has boggled the mind and, much to retailers’ delight, increased sales.

Over the past 20 years, we have watched the field of specialty retail itself evolve from the large-wheeled carts of yesteryear to their sleek brethren, the RMUs and kiosks of today.

High-impact visual merchandising is not just limited to American shores as these winners show. We received entries from all over the world including Russia and Canada who are featured among some of the prized entries in these pages. These winners, chosen from a great number of worthy entries are inspirational in their achievements and underscore the value of great merchandising.

And while it is always an achievement to craft something eye-catching from scratch, it is also especially impressive how visual merchandisers edit existing displays and tweak seemingly minor factors to amp the wow. They make it seem so effortless that you might even think “hey, why didn’t I think of that!” As these winners rightly show, a head-turning display is worth its weight in gold.

The Visual Victories Awards celebrates achievements in seven categories:

  •  Best RMU Merchandising Display
  •  Best Overall Kiosk Design
  • Most Creative Promotional Cart or Kiosk
  • Most Creative Pop-Up Store Design
  • Most Creative Temporary Store Design
  • Most Inspirational Pop-Up / Temporary Store Window Display
  • Most Improved Retail Display (RMU or Kiosk)

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Poornima Apte

Poornima Apte is a Boston-area freelance writer and editor specializing in retail and the book publishing industry. Learn more at wordcumulus.wordpress.com.
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