Spring 2015
18th Annual Visual Victories Awards

Best Use of a Prop

Winner – Seven Status

Retailer: Seven Status
Location: The Citadel, Colorado Springs, CO
Center/Owner: Spinoso Real Estate Group
Entry submitted by: Sherry Drew
Visual Merchandiser: Jeremy Bitner

Seven Status brings us out to the country with this creative display. The use of wooden pallets, cinder blocks and nostalgic 1950s truck bed provide a unique merchandising platform in which to showcase the store’s apparel, which consists of second-hand clothing from brands like Banana Republic, Coach, Juicy Couture and American Eagle. Judge Richter says the use of props here is “Very cool and trendy! Excellent alternative to display products.” Incorporating elements not traditionally used for merchandising, this display creates a conversation piece that customers will remember. Of note is the fact that a percentage of all sales at Seven Status are used to “combat, demolish and obliterate human sex trafficking” around the world.


First Runner-Up – First Canadian

Best-Use-of-Prop_2015_2ndRetailer: First Canadian Motorcycle Apparel
Location: Londonderry Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Center/Owner: 20VIC Management Inc.
Entry submitted by: Olga McGonigal
Visual Merchandiser: Nick Awad, First Canadian

The vintage motorcycle in First Canadian’s window signals exactly what you’ll find within the shop: top-quality riding boots and jackets, helmets and accessories for the serious biker. Judge Cole comments, “Prop grabs your attention instantly and fits well with the overall design and concept of the store.” Note how the outfits worn by the mannequins coordinate color-wise with the motorcycle prop. This uniformity is continued throughout the store with accenting paint trim in the colors of red and white. The window display piques the imagination of customers who, before they even step into the store, are dreaming about riding down the highway on this racing machine.

Second Runner-Up – Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Best-Use-of-Prop_2015_3rdRetailer: Karina Birch
Location: Chinook Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Center/Owner: Cadillac Fairview
Entry submitted by: Heather E. Kane-MacLeod
Visual Merchandiser: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company utilizes this classic retro claw-footed tub to grab your attention and take you back to simpler days when more people had the time to luxuriate in the bath instead of jumping into the shower for a quick pick-me-up each morning. Judge Richter comments, “The tub definitely catches one’s eye and makes for a great display.” The choice of bright blue-painted wooden slates as the backdrop helps provide contrast. Shoppers are naturally drawn to the products piled high in the tub and on the shelves above.

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Brett Beaudette

Brett Beaudette serves as Lead Retail Designer and Design Manager for Mall of America, in addition to owning his own design consulting business, Ideal Productions & Design. Beaudette specializes in creating unique and successful inline, kiosk and RMU designs and merchandising strategies. He has been featured on HGTV and Travel Channel specials for his mall holiday décor and store design sets, and can be reached at brett@idealpd.net.
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