Spring 2015
18th Annual Visual Victories Awards

Most Improved Retail Display

Winner – Adore

Retailer: Passion Village
Location: Southgate Center, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Center/Owner: Ivanhoe Cambridge
Entry submitted by: Emmy Diamond
Visual Merchandiser: Adore

Adore’s transformation from RMU to kiosk takes this vendor to another level. The kiosk design with its soft curves and spacious counter is inviting and pulls the customer into the setting rather than being “parked” in the common area. This makes it easy for shoppers to learn more about this organic skincare line. Judge Paradeis comments, “Nice transformation of an RMU into a kiosk. The kiosk has a good floor plan to get the customer out of the aisle; and the kiosk shows excellent use of counter space for product.” The choice of finishes (pink gold laminate) and use of a digital screen component adds elegance while creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


First Runner-Up – WIND Hellas

Retailer: WIND Hellas
Location: Athens, Greece
Center/Owner: WIND Hellas
Entry submitted by: Anastasios Karamanis
Visual Merchandiser: ALLEN International

WIND Hellas transforms from outdated to outstanding with this new makeover. Perceptions are everything and the new look greatly enhances the vendor’s perceived quality and boosts customer confidence. Prior, too much interior signage, too many colors and an array of graphics pulled you away from the product. This new look incorporates a neutral color palette that enhances the overall look and feel of the space. Judge Cardell comments, “The new storefront and inviting counter display, along with all of the interactive displays, make this makeover a total winner.” Merchandising strategy is less cluttered and more organized allowing for the eye to rest. The use of monitors and interactive stations stimulate the senses and the wood racetrack grabs and pulls your eye back into the space. Customers will surely feel more comfortable when shopping.


Second Runner-Up – Forest Lawn

Retailer: Forest Lawn Memorial Park Association
Location: Westfield Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA
Center/Owner: Westfield
Entry submitted by: Pamela Elmore
Visual Merchandiser: Danielle Hopper, Danielle S. Hopper Studios

Forest Lawn does a beautiful job eschewing clutter to create a new display that is well disciplined in color, balance and the telling of its story. Center fixture, props and graphics help to forge an emotional connection by drawing from the sense of home. The color selection of moss green, cream and white is calming and relevant to the vendor’s company name. Judge Van Drisse comments, “I like the addition of green to the design because it clearly communicates what you are selling.” Forest Lawn’s previous design forced them to pack everything and lock it away in a drawer when they weren’t at their RMU. A new cabinet was designed that now allows them to display merchandise at all times in little cubbies with down lights behind locking glass doors. This is a huge improvement.

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Brett Beaudette

Brett Beaudette serves as Lead Retail Designer and Design Manager for Mall of America, in addition to owning his own design consulting business, Ideal Productions & Design. Beaudette specializes in creating unique and successful inline, kiosk and RMU designs and merchandising strategies. He has been featured on HGTV and Travel Channel specials for his mall holiday décor and store design sets, and can be reached at brett@idealpd.net.
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