Shopper Demographics

The Hot Hispanic Market

To complement our feature on ethnic malls: If you would like to sell to the fastest growing minority group in the United States, here’s a list of centers with the... »

Word-of-Mouse: Social Shopping Insights

In our summer issue, specialty leasing pro Duffy Weir offered some great advice about finding new products and spotting emerging trends by, among other things, tappi... »

Converting Browsers into Spenders

For more than a decade, the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) has teamed with major US mall developers in compiling a basic mall shopper profile. The ... »

8 Keys to the New Luxury Market

Today the luxury market is undergoing dramatic changes, as a new generation of luxury consumers—the baby boom generation—becomes the "new luxury" generat... »

When Cohorts Collide

The United States is on the verge of a momentous demographic event: The two biggest consumer cohorts, the Baby Boom generation and their Generation Y offspring, are ... »

Generation Y

Generation Y: Population explosion and pop-culture phenom. This diverse, smart, and well-financed bunch is triple the size of Gen X, and the biggest influence on the... »

Kid Power

Exposed to brands and advertising from their earliest years, before they even walk or talk, today's kids are consumers. They know what they want, and they know how t... »

Viva los Compradores

Each year, thousands of immigrants from Latin America come in search of their American dream. They arrive from more than 20 countries in the Caribbean and Central an... »

Urban Moves

Call it "street," call it "urban," the look—almost a lifestyle—is defined by vibrant, sometimes eclectic fashion and transmitted through the channels of ... »

Seniors: Defying Stereotypes

In a society where youth counts and age doesn't, marketers scramble to lure young consumers. Which means that, in this youth culture, today's "new seniors" are overl... »

Generation X

Those '70s kids who toted Star Wars or Grease lunch boxes are now toting briefcases. Those '80s Madonna wannabes and punk-skate kids are now commuting to work. A goo... »

Zooming In On Boomers

You'd think they'd grow up and settle down, now that they're middle-aged. You'd think they'd behave. Well, they do—the way they always have, these children of ... »

LOHAS: Buying Goes Green

What does it mean if one of the best-selling videos at the end of the century wasn't a Hollywood blockbuster, but an instructional yoga tape that sold more than a mi... »

Target: Tweens

You know them. They're easy to spot. In fact, no other group of mall visitors has as clear a presence or commands as much attention as Tweens do. And they're everywh... »

Turn to Tourism

Pier 39, San Francisco. Walt Disney World, Orlando. Navy Pier, Chicago. South Street Seaport, New York. Fanueil Hall, Boston. The top activity for tourists is shoppi... »
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