Running a Cart or Kiosk

What Sells?

Cellphone covers or sunglasses? Jewelry or hats? Finding a specialty retail product to sell is complicated by a number of factors. Here’s what to weigh carefully b... »

News Bytes, Winter 2013

New research shows that shoppers are drawn to—and spend more at—stores with simple scents. Orange sells better than more complex green tea, for example. So even ... »

Specialty Retail Pulse, Winter 2013

This issue of Specialty Retail Pulse focuses on Q2 2012 sales data with a comparison to Q2 results for 2009, 2010 and 2011. As with previous reports, this issue expl... »

Finding and Funding a Franchise

Looking to expand your specialty retail business? A franchise might just be the right fit for you. A franchise can take a retail business to the next level or add a... »

Brewing Bubbles

Boba tea franchise opportunities are bubbling up. For now, boba or bubble tea can mostly be found in cities and in Chinatown neighborhoods. The drink is still relat... »

Doing the Numbers

Industry holiday data and what they mean for your specialty retail business. Risky Returns Return fraud can cost your business real money. Given the high percentag... »

Counting Customers

App offers “real-time” traffic data. Customer traffic is the lifeblood of any retail business. Now it is even easier to track how many, when and where those pot... »

News Bytes

Since 2010, the number of temporary workers has far outpaced the growth in the general labor market. If you’re looking to hire temporary workers this holiday seaso... »

Doing the Numbers

Industry holiday data and what they mean for your specialty retail business. Staffing Strategies Last holiday season, the NRF expected the retail industry to hire ... »

Sweet Spot

The Sweet Tooth Fairy extends bakery magic to franchises. Megan Faulkner Brown has always loved to bake. “Some of my earliest memories are baking with my mom and ... »

Frosty Fun

Frozen yogurt chain looks to keep growth live and active. With 160 locations and more than 200 new locations being built this year, Los Angeles-based Menchie’s is... »

Specialty Retail Pulse Quarterly Performance Report

While this edition of Pulse is part of the spring issue, future data reports will only be made available to members of SRR’s new Specialty Retail Association. To f... »

Doing the Numbers

Industry data and what they mean for your specialty retail business. Are we There Yet? According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel-related expenditures are exp... »

App-titude Adjustment

Need a little more drive in your sales? These free to low-cost apps can make quick work of your most annoying retail headaches. (more…)... »

More Than a Pretty Facade

New kiosk and RMU designs showcase technology and interactive flair. Designers for specialty stores, kiosks and RMUs are thinking outside the box—both figuratively... »
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